Frequently asked questions 

What is a hard seltzer ? 

A seltzer is created from purified carbonated seltzer water, a gluten free alcohol base of vodka with a splash of natural fruit flavouring 

Is it really gluten free ? 

Absolutely! All 3PS products are made with natural gluten free ingredients. 

What is the shelf life ?

Generally, 3PS will keep you refreshed for up to 12 months. 

Where do the calories come from ? 

The total carbohydrates listed includes sugars: a subset of the total carbohydrates. While some of the calories come from the sugars and other carbohydrates, most of the calories come from other sources, like the alcohol content.

How to contact Three Peaks Seltzer Co ?

Any inquires can be made to our support staff through and we will be happy to assist with your needs.





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